Changing Woman

A Mindfulness-Based Support Group for Women Facing Health Challenges


This eight-week class will offer training in the classic Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction system of meditation and yoga taught at the Center for Mindfulness at U Mass Medical Center.  It also utilizes other cutting-edge strategies like Emotional Brain Training  to connect us to our deeper inner resources.  This helps us to cope with our life changes with greater ease, skill and confidence.

Whether facing the transitions of menopause, living with depression or anxiety, or even facing more serious health challenges, Changing Woman offers mental and physical training that will help.

This group is educational but also offers structured social support.  The atmosphere is open, warm and nurturing, but there are clear guidelines and boundaries as well, to create group safety and integrity.

This word addresses the whole woman:  physically mentally, and spiritually.  All of who you are can be included here.

If you would like to learn more about this group, contact Donna at 585.626.0234 or at donna@thebigrelax.com